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Diane Nine
The literary world can be confusing and murky. If you want to get a book published, where do you begin? GET PUBLISHED: A GUIDE TO LITERARY TIPS, TRAPS, & TRUTH dispels the misinformation about the publishing world, while offering sound, practical advice. .

Courtroom Survival

By Martin Brhel Jr Esq
Courtroom Survival for Traffic Officers is a comprehensive instructional that tells traffic officers from raw rookies to wary veterans how to comfortably survive the rigors of traffic court, irrespective of whether their opponent is the offending motorist or that person's wily lawyer. .

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  • Anthony Rhine

    “I am not a messiah,” Daniel Bolton proclaims in the first few lines of The Road to God, as he waits to preach to a stadium of tens of thousands. But as his story unfolds, we aren’t quite so certain. When a dear friend of two decades suddenly dies of a heart attack, Bolton is forced to accept the mysterious talent he has, to share it with the world, and to bring it to terms with his life in the church. The Road to God tells the journey of a man who grew up with a gift, inherited from his mother, which allows him to speak to the spirits of those who have died. As he tells of his youth, his communications with spirits, and his education in the seminary, he takes us on a path that winds past an abusive mentor, an alluring but distant secret passion, and the girl who steals his heart and ultimately betrays him. It is Bolton’s fascinating journey that draws him deep into his understanding of religion, why it exists, and how it is informed by those spirits who share with him the deepest secrets of the afterlife. Read More
  • Stephanie Campbell

    When Annabelle Wyck loses her sister, Mary, she falls into despair. Her mother is cold and aloof and her father has been an alcoholic as long as she can remember. She is drawn into the world of handsome, glamorous Jonah Whitewood. On the outside, he is the perfect man. Unfortunately, Annabelle learns too late that inside he is poisonous. Read More
  • Marilyn Henneke

    For a few short months in the year 1888, evil stalked the dark and dank alleys of London’s Whitechapel. Like a phantom, the horror known as Jack the Ripper came out of the shadows to brutally butcher five victims, before vanishing forever back into those same shadows. The hunt for the Ripper will lead Philip St. John, the aristocratic young Chief Inspector assigned to the case, from the dingy cul de sacs of Whitechapel to the drawing rooms and parlors of English nobility. But even is he does discover the identity of the Ripper, can he ever reveal it without creating a destructive force that will reach from the East End all the way up to Buckingham Palace? Read More
  • Karlene R. Price

    Though two murders a week apart,seemingly have nothing to do with a break in at her office, the events thrust Kaci Barnett into the world of mobsters, deceit and jealousy. Once she finds the body of her future client, PI Kaci Barnett is threatened and beaten up by some goons looking for a white box. It seemed someone named Ro searched the late Tina’s house for this box and a set of plates. Add to this a threat to Kaci’s cousin’s reputation and all she’d built these last four years just because of a collegiate indiscretion. People send her a five foot snake, cat entrails and finally a demand for money. This all bubbles up to a smoky finale when Kaci solves both mysteries. Read More
  • Kim Hone McMahan and Jane Vair Bissler Ph. D. LPCC S FT

    Hoover and Honeybunch, a pair of carefree pups, believe a horrific event seen on television newscasts is happening over and over. Momma and Papa must find a way to reassure them so they are fr Read More
  • Tony Pann

    EVERYTHING IS YOU is the story of a little girl who is being ostracized on the playground. While sitting on the ground and staring up at the sky, a pleasant looking white, puffy cloud catches her eye. This cloud, called "Cody", drifts down to sit next to her. After listening to her story, Cody offers to take her on a magical tour of the "inner" universe. They travel inside the Sun, Moon, and other fun spots, then eventually into her own thumb. What do they discover? That everything in the universe is made up of exactly the same stuff! From the Moon, to the rocks on the ground, to the other kids at school, it’s all the same. Nothing, or nobody, is "better" than anything else. With colorful illustrations by syndicated cartoonist, Chip Bok, this is a story that every parent will be happy to share with their children. Read More
  • Josephine Vanner

    Brought up in foster care, Harmony Jones didn't know she was the first, and only, half human, half vampire, until Zander Washington moved into the apartment across the hall. A full blood vampire, he's been sent to kill her by the vampire council. Instead, he's fallen in love with her. Now they're out to get him too. Hidden deep under the Himalayan Mountains, Ar'ranma, the vampire city, is where they must go to plead for Harmony's life. Hunting them, the beautiful but vicious full blood vampire hunter, Celina. She wants her old love,r Zander, back and she wants Harmony dead, and she'll do anything to make it happen. As love triumphs and the old ways change, the vampire nation is sent into turmoil. Read More
  • Jack Owens, Christopher Romero and Rachel Drapkin

    President Kennedy was brazenly shot to pieces in Dallas, November 22, 1963, in front of his Secret Service protectors and hundreds of witnesses. Who murdered Kennedy and why? Who helped cover it up? Former FBI agent Jack Owens says his book is fiction, but is it really? As this chilling story unfolds, there is a conspiracy by American civilian and military intelligence to assassinate the 35th president, a treason puzzler with intrigue, action and a rich seam of characters, including J. Edgar Hoover, a heroic FBI agent who uncovers the conspiracy, the gunmen who pulled the triggers, and Soviet military intelligence officers who knew the Americans were going to destroy their president in Dallas, knew because the Red Army had a spy at the throat of military intelligence in the Pentagon. As an agent in the corridors of the FBI for thirty years, Owens found enough shadows to fashion this novel. Read More
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  • It's Christmas time in Puffville and the Puffs are preparing to put on their annual holiday play for King Puffington. But the Naughty Puffs have something else in mind. They would rather destroy everything and ruin
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    • Childrens
    • Holiday
  • Brought up in foster care, Harmony Jones didn't know she was the first, and only, half human, half vampire, until Zander Washington moved into the apartment across the hall. A full blood vampire, he's been sent
    Read More
    • Romance
    • Paranormal
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  • This is a poetic story about a baby who is growing, then becomes a mother, telling of the impact a mother has on her children as they grow. Then in turn, children learn these lessons that
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    • Childrens
    • Parenting
    • Fiction
  • “When you’re born, you give up one percent of your life. When you die, that’s the last percent. Make the other ninety-eight percent count.” Chet Morton, high school dropout and artist wannabe, keeps his late father’s
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Billiard Buddies

Billiard Buddies

by Cassandra Ulrich

An avid pool table player, Gina has yet to meet her match among her billiard pals. Pete O'Reily, one of the guys she plays against at a local bar, finds someone he thinks will finally give her a challenging game.

Reporting Lives

Reporting Lives

by Debra Pickett

Television journalist Sara Simone has just landed a huge story, the one she's sure will propel her from her local news job in Chicago straight to a network anchor chair. But, when her reporting takes her to the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, she finds herself unable to maintain her usual cool distance from tragedy.




by Nicole Schenz

Alyssa Miyamoto is Ebony, a young woman trained in ninjutsu. Shortly after parent’s death, she learns of the lies and deceit that brought on their deaths. Now she goes after the man responsible and hopes to pay him back for all he has done.

An Unexpected Love

by Jared Delray & Annalise McKenzie

Many strong hands restrained him as he watched in helpless horror, as they burned all that he owned, then ultimately took from his wife Elizabeth, all that she was. Little did they know his revenge would be sweet when he was offered, and accepted, the immortality and strength of a Vampire. 



Daughter of Desire

by Elaine C. Markowicz

She’s the illegitimate daughter of King Louis XV and the most desirable woman in the court of France. Two men will win her affection but only one will taste of the forbidden fruit of her desires.


Falling Star by Shay MacLean

Just when it seems like the sky is falling they must close their eyes and wish upon a star…and embrace the possibility that combining three hearts will strengthen the love each holds for the other…


Dead Water by Scott M. Baker

When the crew of an oil platform off the Virginia coast rescue a survivor from a lifeboat adrift at sea, they inadvertently release a zombie virus aboard their rig. As the crew is rapidly transformed into the living dead, the captain must find a way to stop the infection before it can spread to shore, even if that means sacrificing those on board.


Pray For Me by Ashlynn Monroe

Gabriel put his faith in his God and his king…That was centuries ago. Harley is proud of her heritage and when she has the chance to give her hometown historical society a boost by booking an eccentric Swiss expert, she has no idea she booked someone who actually lived the history. Is love enough when your love wants you body, soul and blood?


Uncle Byron

by Lea Anne Wickizer

Most everyone seems to have one family member who does not quite fit in with others. This story is about Uncle Byron, who is one family's special member. He has a way of upsetting the townspeople and all are faced with the question of what to do with Uncle Byron.


Icy Tales of Draga

by Stephanie Campbell

When sixteen-year-old Rin sees a meteor hit the earth, he is determined to find it. He expected to see a large, hulking piece of rubble. What he finds, though, is something much different—a white flower. The flower grows until it’s six feet tall. Rin does the only thing that any normal person would do: he runs away screaming. When he returns, he finds a girl where the flower had been. She is beautiful, smart, and dangerous, and she belongs solely to him. It is from her that he learns that truth about her alien existence. Unfortunately, she’s not the only alien around.


Hoover and Honeybunch

Hoover and Honeybunch

by Kim Hone-McMahan and Jan Vair Bissler, Ph.D.

Hoover and Honeybunch, a pair of carefree pups, believe a horrific event seen on television newscasts is happening over and over. Momma and Papa must find a way to reassure them so they are free to be their silly giggling selves again.

Puffs Christmas

10 Busy Brownies by Talia Haven

Count the Brownies up to 10 as they go about their night time chores.

Recommended for ages 2-5 years old.



E is for Evelyn

by Stephanie Campbell

At eight years old, Lee Murdox has seen far more pain than a child should ever know. His father leaves him and his mother, abandoning them for greener pastures. His mother, wedded at eighteen, gives up any hope and completely allows her son to starve. But all is not lost for Lee. His odd personality reveals the truth: he has one of the highest IQs in the United States. He sets out on his plan to create a "psychic machine." That way, "Nobody will ever have to be uncertain about their future again."


E is for Evolution

by Stephanie Campbell

After Dr. Murdox's psychic machine, Evelyn, is built, it does just as he planned it. It can tell the future and suggest what actions the world should take. Unfortunately, Evelyn does not just read the future. The machine causes a war between major countries of Earth and causes rifts to form around the planet. After a millennia of fighting, Earth is nearly destroyed. Winser Rogan has been a part of this world his entire life. All he knows is starvation. That is why when his home is destroyed by an earthquake, he does not panic and begins a journey with his sister and best friend to find a new home. Unfortunately, his journey may bring him more than he bargained for.


E is for Eternity

by Stephanie Campbell

After Dr. Murdox's psychic machine, Evelyn, is built, it does just as he planned it. It can tell the future and decide what actions the world should take. Unfortunately, Evelyn does not just read the future. The machine causes a war between major countries and causes rifts to form. After millennia of fighting, Earth is destroyed and the people are forced to re-locate on three separate planets. The winners of the war live on the planet of abundance, Milica, along with the machine, Evelyn. The losers of the war live on a desolate, hot, degraded world called Annona. When Clarimonde, a headstrong young woman who lives on Milica, is sent by her father to visit Annona, she has no idea her whole life is about to change.


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